Sunday, May 6, 2012

GLAM! Cancer Can SUX it Edition! Returning GLAMAZONS - Marilla Wex, Emily Roach, Lee-Anne Galloway and Diana Love

I am so excited about this next GLAM! not only do we have a collection of stellar newbie GLAMAZON'S but we also have the return of some of our Favorite GLAMAZON'S in the last few years.

First off, how exciting is it that Diana Love, fresh off her National Television appearance on Comedy Now, is going to be HOSTING this edition of GLAM! That is truly epic. If you don't remember Diana - you should be shot. But seriously, Diana has been at every GLAM! so far and we consider her our good luck charm. With a name like Diana Love she could either be a porn star or the nicest person you ever meet...luckily Diana is the nicest person, with many opinions on porn stars. We couldn't be happier having her host our first ever GLAM! Cancer Can SUX it Edition.

Joining Ms. Love on stage is one of our favourite imports - Marilla Wex. Marilla has appeared at two GLAMS in the past, and has had us laughing our guts out every time. For the last year, she has been putting on and promoting one of Toronto's greatest night's out - Storytelling at Caplansky's. At Storytelling her and he fabulous husband join others in reading and performing passages and stories from live and its wonder while enjoying some smoked meat. Marilla is and will always be the definition of GLAM! and so we are excited to have her back, bring the power humour and glamour.

Not only do we have Marilla and Diana joining us, but we have the return of the amazingly talented Lee-Anne Galloway. For those who don't know their GLAM! history - Lee-anne opened up our first ever GLAM! with a broadway performance that was both stunning and impressive. She made all of us wish we could belt it out as good as she could. Well after sharing her gift with thousands of people around the world, she is back to grace our stage with songs from Legally Blonde and Songs for a New World. Let me just say...she's gonna kill it!

And no GLAM! would be successful with out one Toronto's hidden gems. Emily Roach has been at every GLAM!  either on stage or in the booth helping with tech. When you needed a good laugh, or a destressing beer, she was the one who got it. Always on it, always observant, she doesn't just deliver she amazes the world with her pure sense of comedic timing and understanding.

So there you have it...the returning GLAMAZONS to our GLAM! Cancer Can SUX it Edition. Look at the freak'n calibre of talent we have and thats only 4 of the 9 stellar performers we have booked! Make sure you check back for more information and put in your calendar! June 5th, 2012 - Supermarket @ 8:30pm...

Be there or be square....