The Pat McFarlane Cancer Research Foundation

The Pat McFarlane Cancer Research Foundation was created in 2005 to honour the legacy of Pat McFarlane, a woman who despite dealing with a five year battle with cancer that was both physically and emotionally draining, continued to exhibit and focus on the importance of laughter.

In 1995, Pat McFarlane was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. At the time, she had five children all under 13, yet she refused to let the disease bring her down. Pat spent the next five years encouraging her children to embrace life and to laugh even when you are given bad news. Her motto was that everyday could be your last.

Sadly, after five years, on October 22nd, 2000, Pat passed away surrounded by her children and family. As somber and sad the loss of Pat was, she left a lasting impression on those around her; one that encouraged them to push themselves and to continue to have fun every day.

In 2005, my younger sister, Aimee McFarlane with the help of the family created the Pat McFarlane Cancer Research Foundation; an organization that was created to honour the legacy of Pat, while at the same time working towards conquering cancer.
Since 2005, the Foundation has grown to become Alberta’s second largest independently organized fundraiser, donating thousands to cancer research and family support. Taking no overhead, every penny donated to the Pat McFarlane Cancer Research Foundation goes directly to the most in need areas of cancer research and funding at the Canadian Cancer Society.

GLAM! is honoured to represent the same ideals that Pat McFarlane represented; Glamour, power and humour in your everyday life. This is why we are honoured to donate every penny raised from our door to the Pat McFarlane Cancer Research Foundation.
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Also, the Pat McFarlane Cancer Research Foundation is always accepting silent auction donations for its annual Banquet and Silent Auction in October; for more information on the Banquet or Silent Auction donations please contact