Monday, May 23, 2011

GLAM! Pride Edition: More Performers: Vong Sundara, Richard Ryder and the music of Matt Murray and Ken Lindsay

Oi! I just am so excited to tell people about GLAM! Pride Edition! Literally, each time it amazes me when I see the performer list come together. To quote Rob Lowe, "Literally this may be the best cast yet, Literally."

(Can you imagine he was once a greaser in The Outsiders?)

Anyways, earlier today, I revealed the first four of our performers, Andrew Johnston, Marco Bernardi, Diana Love and Ashley Moffatt. And now, I am excited to bring you 4 more of our performers!


First up, representing all our gaysians (a under used comboword) is the man who can only be described as "THE super cute Asian gay Canadian;" the ever smart and immensely talented Vong Sundara.

The first time I saw Vong perform, I found myself wiping away tears, the man held back no reservations about his personal pride in himself, and made sure everyone recognized the difficulties he faced being "super cute." If there is anyone who symbolizes Pride and Power with a touch of humour it's Vong Sundara.


 Next up on the docket, is a man who gave me such a tongue lashing the first time I showed up late for his comedy show I thought I was done with comedy. PS it was a stupid mistake on my part to be blamed on bad weather. (Let it be noted that tardiness will not be appreciated in the realm of GLAM!). However, he forgave me for my grand mistake, and now I'm honoured to have Richard Ryder join us at GLAM! Pride Edition. 

 Richard is one of a select few people who have such a presence behind a microphone, that it's almost hard to believe it's not a part of them. In fact, if anyone was a superhero that possessed the super power of an attached microphone, it probably be Richard. His ability to banter and vamp on stage is unmatched in Toronto, it's no surprise you can hear him every morning on Your Morning with Richard and Chris on Proudfm 103.9.


And Finally, the third announcment for today is the unique and heartfelt musical performance from the irresistible Matt Murray and Ken Lindsay.

 With Ken on the keyboard, and Matt's smooth Cole Porter inspired vocals, these two a duo that will make you melt in your seat, until their brash banter makes you spit up your cocktail. By the end of the night you are bound to fall in love with these men, who bring a different style to our GLAM! stage  that is both GLAMOUROUS and FABULOUS at the same time.

Luckily, if you want more of these performances, its worth checking out Friday Cocktails at 6' with Ken Lindsay and Guests, at Fuzion in the village, between the great drinks and the cute servers it's bound to be a good time. And if you want more Matt, he will be producing a new play at the Fringe festival called "Remember, Maggy?" Keep posted to Fringe Toronto for more information.

Well look at that, so far, we have 5 comedians and one musical act, and that's only 2/3 of our confirmed performers! I will be back shortly with our final announcement, where I am excited to focus on a returning GLAMAZON, a MUSICAL SHOWCASE and More! EEEEEEEE.....

**GLAM! Pride Edition Goes Live at SUPERMARKET (268 Augusta ave) on Monday June 27th***