Monday, May 23, 2011

GLAM! Pride Edition - FINAL THREE PERFORMERS UPDATE! - Kinky Kabaret, Vicki Licks & She King

Okay, so I was going to wait to release these last three performers till tomorrow, but I just couldn't sleep with excitement over their reveal! So why not just blow my load tonight and share with you the final three performers to our AMAZING! GLAM! Pride Edition....

So with out further adooooooo.....

How about this for freaking amazing? We have booked the scandalously perfect Kinky Kabaret!

Now you maybe wondering, what is Kinky Kabaret? Well let me tell you, after GLAM! Pride Edition, you'll change your question to how can I see more of the Kinky Kabaret?

The Kinky Kabaret is an original musical inspired by the Berlin cabarets of the Weimer era and themed around sexual exploration. That's right a musical play is going to perform for us!

Lehdies this cannot get any better, Kinky Kabaret will be showcasing two of their show stopping, mouth dropping fan-freaking-fabulous numbers for YOU to enjoy....

In addition to Kinky Kabaret (and the other amazing talents at GLAM!) I am excited to see the return of one of my favorite GLAMAZONS! Ms.Vicki Licks/DJ Edwards to our GLAM! Stage

Part Amazon and part flareragous drag queen, DJ/Vicki always delivers a knock out performance that makes you question your sexuality just a little bit. Never one to ignore the pink dildo in the room, Vicki is what GLAM! wishes it could be embodied in a queen! We are so excited to bring her back to the stage.

And Finally, our last performer is sure to impress and excite many people, we are excited to welcome to GLAM! Pride Edition the band She King!

Fronted by the stunningly beautiful Shawnee, a two spirited individual, She King has a style of music that will rock and enlighten the GLAM! stage. They will be performing a special acoustic set for us, that will definitely bring GLAM! to a new level in GLAMOUR! 

So there you have it....the GLAM! Pride Edition Performer Lineup! And what a line up, the comedians have racked up hundreds of hours on stage, the musicians voices are irreplaceable, and the cast of Kinky Kabaret make us all wish we were a little bit more kinky. I can promise you it's going to be a grand night as we welcome back some old friends, and welcome some new ones to the ranks of GLAMAZONS!

So come by on Monday June 27th, 2011 during PRIDE to support GLAM! Pride will be an amazing show featuring performances by: She King, Kinky Kabaret, Matt Murray and Ken Lindsay, Richard Ryder, Andrew Johnston, Ashley Moffatt, Marco Bernardi, Vicki Licks, Diana Love, Vong Sundara, and of course me, your host Topher McFarlane!