Monday, May 23, 2011

GLAM! Pride Edition - Andrew Johnston, Ashley Moffatt, Diana Love & Marco Bernardi

Well folks, I have spent the last few days going through Toronto finding you some of the best performers, comedians and singers to present their stuff at the upcoming GLAM! Pride Edition on Monday June 27th, 2011; and I can say I am IMPRESSED with the collection of folks we have for you.

Now, as you know, when filling our stage we look for the three pillars of GLAM! which are "GLAMOUROUS", "HUMOUROUS" and "POWER". But with the Pride Edition, I had to search for one more thing and that was a queer angle! I am honoured to say that all our performers are either Queer or Extremely Queer Supportive.

But Don't worry, you don't have to be Queer to attend this MARVELOUS version of GLAM! just ensure you're not narrow minded ;)

And now on with the line up....


For the first time ever, GLAM! is excited to invite to the stage the diva himself, the man who divines some of the best 2 hour comedy shows in Toronto, BitchSalad's own Andrew Johnston!!!! 

Those not familiar with Andrew, might recognize him as one of the gay stars of TV's Video On Trail and host of BitchSalad. Andrew also was nominated for a Best Standup-Newcomer at the 2009 Canadian Comedy Awards. Andrew brings a unique voice to the GLAM! stage with his personal love and references to all things popculture. We are excited to have Andrew visit us! 

And if that's not enough, during Pride you can get a double dosage of Andrew as he will be performing that FRIDAY JULY 1st at the Annual BitchSalad Gives Back! One of Toronto's BEST nights in Comedy! For more information check out Buddies at Bad Time's Website. 


Also at this year's GLAM! I am soo excited to welcome one of the few people who had my sides HURTING because I was laughing so hard!Welcome our newest GLAMAZON: Ashley Moffatt

A few weeks ago, while attending a show at Comedy Bar, I came across Ashley, and I am soo happy I did. Ashley delivered some of the most open and honest comedy I've seen in years and literally had the audience keeling over from laughter.

IMDB trivia for Ashley: She was the first comedian booked for this edition of GLAM!


Alright, so I have a confession, our next performer is the ONLY performer on our bill who isn't of the "queer persuasion" or if you'd like the 'Homosexual Agenda', however I can't imagine a GLAM! show with out her presence.


A Glamazon since the beginning, Diana is like the fairy god mother of GLAM!....which is ironic since this edition is going to be fairly (get it) full of fairies. We are excited to have Diana, the sweet East Coaster on board to bring us her original comedy that can make a trucker blush. The token hetero of the crowd, we are excited to have her!

The last performer I am going to announce right now, (and trust me there are more! It's going to be an awesome show) is the incomparable Marco Bernardi

Last Pride, I had the honour of sharing the stage with Marco when he delivered a bedazzling and amazing performance in the East End! The show was full of a variety of Homosexual performers, all gay men, all for a gay audience, and Marco had them clutching their pearls from laughter, and now he is going to do the same to our GLAM! audience!

So there you have it, four of the GLAM! Pride Edition performers! Click back later today and tomorrow as I make the final's going to be a show that can be best described as GLAM! 

*GLAM! Pride Edition - Monday June 27th, 2011 - 8pm  - The Supermarket - 268 Augusta Ave *