Thursday, May 19, 2011

GLAM! Pride's coming!!!

Oh mylanta! 

The list of performers we have for GLAM! are amazing! Let me just say, we are pulling out some of Toronto's best (queer) comedians and performers to bring you a stellar show! I have decided that on Monday, I am going to reveal the following: The line up (OMG!), the charity! and a surprise thing just for everyone out there! As if the Line up and Charity wasn't enough!

But here's a little something to wet your whistle; two of our performers have appeared on the GLAM! stage before, both were hilarous, both have standing invintations to grace the stage anytime! One is gay and the other is our TOKEN! fag hag! Call her the Angel of a GLAM!s she will be the first GLAMAZON to appear a record 3 times!!!

If that's not enough I leave you with one of the best lines in a movie EVER