Tuesday, April 17, 2012

GLAM! Is coming back with VENGEANCE


Can you believe that it's been so long since our last GLAM!? I don't believe it....It really is so much fun when we do this show and this next one is NO exception! We are just putting the final touches on ONE OF THE BEST FREAKEN lineups we have EVER had! 

Now this isn't to say our previous GLAMAZON'S weren't amazing, (they are like my children that I never call until I need more booze) but each one just gets more and more proactively mind-blowing better!

We have locked down 4 out of 5 of our comedians, 2 of our 3 "acts" and for the first time one of our FAVORITE GLAMAZON'S is going to be hosting this evening of GLAMOUR, POWER, HUMOUR.

So keep your eyes peeled....your lipstick ready...and for the guys....ummm? Your hair quaffed? Do guys quaff their hair? I don't know....Because the next GLAM! is coming at you with VENGEANCE on June 5th 2012!!!