Saturday, April 28, 2012

GLAM! Cancer Can SUX it Edition! - Poster Reveal!

Well we have done it...we have knocked out the park the ULTIMATE line up of GLAMAZON's YET! I seriously am so excited for this GLAM! CANCER CAN SUX IT EDITION! Just take a look a this poster and you will see how amazing the event will be!

One word...EPICNESS...

So you are probably biting to know more about the new batch of GLAMAZON'S we have coming up...never fear...over the next week or so we will release bios on all of them! Plus our very exciting press release will be coming out Monday morning!

But until then I wanted to drop off this hotness for your pleasure!

So make sure you put it in your calendar....

GLAM! Cancer Can SUX it Edition! 
June 5, 2012 - Tuesday Biatches...

Doors 8:00pm
Show 8:30pm

The Supermarket - 268 Augusta Ave 

Tickets are only $10 (available at the door) and all the proceeds raised go DIRECTLY to the Pat McFarlane Cancer Research Foundation!