Sunday, February 5, 2012

New Things from

Well what can I say....the GLAM! website has been awfully quiet for the last few months. We havent abandoned the awesomeness that is the world of GLAM! and Glamazons, but we have been of working on other projects!

Gotta pay the bills some how!

Anyways, in exciting news we have some new things planned for 2012....

First up - a brand new short film from our parent company The film will be submitted to the Your Film Festival on Youtube. It will be the first foray into non-sketch comedy, yet we still are keeping our comedic side to the film.

Second - Watch for the return of GLAM! in April. We want to have another edition (before our big Pride show) that has a great theme for all of us...BUT WHAT!? Still coming...Maybe it will be the premiere of our short film?

Third - We are already planning what to do with our big Pride show...How to knock one out of the park! Can't wait...

Okay, now we gotta go be good Canadian's and watch the Superbowl and complain about the missing commericals.

Happy Glaming!