Saturday, July 9, 2011

Exclusive GLAM! Pride Videos

Well, let me just say, after taking a few days to rest, and a few days to enjoy the rest of Pride, I am ready to update you all on the amazingness of the GLAM! Pride Edition! 

First off, every performer was amazing! So good actually, that the footage keeps crashing my computer as I edit it! So, we will be rolling out their performance's in a slowly, well planned marketing release....right? Good...

Second, thank you to everyone who came out on the Monday night and helped us raise money for the Lesbian Gay Bisexual Trans Youthline....we are honoured to have presented them with a cheque for $321 and 29cents!! How amazing is that!! Way to be fabulous....

Okay and now the most exciting part of this post! We are honoured to have for you two of the amazing performances from the GLAM! Pride Edition! So check them out and keep your blog sphere's posted for more performances over the coming weeks.

See ya all soon!!