Monday, January 7, 2013

We're BACK!

Like TY Beanie Babies and Britney Spears you can't keep us down! We are excited to announce that we are currently in the preliminary stages of launching MATCH GLAM! our own very own take on the Game Show Classic MATCH GAME. 

MATCH GLAM! will be a monthly event in Toronto for people to come out and enjoy a night of pure comedy. Featuring some of Toronto's most glamourous, fabulous and all around funny people trying to win prizes just for you!*

We are excited to launch this new endeavour that will bring some of the best to a stage for your mass consumption! Stay tuned for more developments as we move forward in 2013! And get ready to Match the stars!!!

Coming in SPRING 2013! 

*Prizes may or may not be comedy over quality - but who cares when you're drinking!