Friday, April 6, 2012

Return of GLAM!

WHOOO! Are you like me and just missing GLAM!? I know I am....It's been a busy few months, what with me galloping the world for CANADA SINGS!  and then learning how to avoid ice on BATTLE OF THE BLADES....I haven't even had the chance to think...when can we do another GLAM! 

(the Fabooo Jeffrey Buttle - for those who don't know FS as well as one does when surrounded by it for 3 years) 

Well guess what! Now is the time! I am very excited to say that there are new developments in the GLAM!  World...

First off....our next big GLAM! I am still thinking of the Theme, but why not doing one at the End of May Early June? That's when everyone is jonesing (yes Jonesing!) to get out and enjoy the sun with some beer....Too bad we couldn't do one outside under the stars....oh I digress! Anyways....I am starting the theme for that now! June sounds lovely!

Speaking of June! The end of June is Toronto's Favorite week of PRIDE! Last year we had an AMAZZZZZING Pride show at SuperMarket and as much as we loved it, I would love to do something inside the Village this time...NO not the Village from M Night, but the Village as in the place that has glitter everywhere and looks like Liza Minelli's Anu-......SOOOO

We are right now pursing venues (well so far 1 venue that we REALLY want) and hopefully we can do our first EVER! GLAM! Pride Bachelor Edition! - Think about it....Live Bachelors (and Ettes) auctioned off for you our GLAM! Lovers....While being crudely introduced by a Drag Queen or two....wouldn't that be fabulous!

I think so.....

Anyways that's the update in the GLAM! World! I hope your life is just as Fabulous!! See you all in 2 Months at the NEXT FREAKIN GLAM!