Monday, February 20, 2012

ACTORS WANTED! - March 10 & 11th

Do you like to Act or know someone who is killer at acting? Well then we could use you! is currently seeking three actors to help portray Peters, Chambers and Michaels, the three main characters in our first ever short film "The Bunker."

The Bunker is a dark comedy, about three regular working class guys; Peters, Michaels and Chambers who spend day and night in a secluded bunker waiting. Waiting for the future, waiting for the past, and most of all waiting for something to happen.

Peters is our main character in the world of The Bunker. He is not new to his job, but he is still treated as the fresh newbie. Although Chambers has warmed up to him, he still can't connect with Michaels. Peters is the type of person who questions how and why. Always looking for some distraction from mediocre he has accepted to live with.

Michaels is the opposite of Peters. He has been at his profession for too long and doesn't value anything about it. He is everything you wouldn't want in a peer, pessimistic, grumpy and rude. Michaels is in The Bunker because there is no where else to be.

Chambers is the piece that ties Peters and Michaels together, aloof and slightly behind; Chambers spends more time starring at the wall then thinking. However he has an innate intelligence that is often ignored by his colleagues. He is what Peters could become but what Michaels avoids.

Sounds interesting enough? The film is a short, 10 - 11 minutes long, that focuses on the dynamics of a group of people forced to rely and defend themselves to each other. This is a great opportunity for someone to expand their resume as well as get some more on camera experience.

The Bunker is being produced by for the Your Film Festival. We will film exclusively on March 10 and 11th, and then submit the film to the festival. Regardless of it's placement in the festival, the film will be released in Mid Spring on Youtube and worldwide.

If you are interested please feel free to send Topher an email at

Break a leg!

*This is a non union and non paid gig. All individuals from PA's to Director are doing this on a volunteer basis.*