Friday, May 13, 2011

The Word of the Day is 'Flareragous"

So it's slowly becoming Summer time here in Toronto, which means beautiful people out on beautiful patios enjoying beautiful pitchers of Sangaria....or if you're like me, beautiful bottles of wine as Sangaria takes way too much work to make.

But even better then the appearance of the sun tan line flipflops create is one of the best parties Toronto has to offer; PRIDE! And GLAM! is glad to get back on the band wagon (like soberity) to put on a stellar show in the middle of Pride.

That's right, we have the venue, we have the charisma and now we are looking for the nerve and talent....wait that's not right. Anyways, on MONDAY JUNE 27TH, 2011, GLAM! is proud to put on it'sfirst ever PRIDE! edition. 

I've been searching Toronto for Gay talent and their supporters and I can tell you, you will be in for a treat! It's like as if Kathy Griffin, Betty White, Kristen Wiig and Bret Michael's decided to have a dinner party catered by Martha Stewart....but in comedy sense....

- PS do you not love that Rupaul recorded a new song Glamazon just for us! Thank's Ru.