Sunday, August 22, 2010

GLAMAZON: Morgan Sadler

GLAM! was honoured to have Morgan Sadler join the legions of GLAMAZONS who represent Glamour, Power and Humour.

From Morgan's Website

"Morgan Sadler was born in Hong Kong, didn’t spend much time there (moved to Canada when she was 3), and grew up in Whitby, ON. She went to Queen’s University, and it was at this time that she started performing, and was encouraged to give music a ‘real go’. It happened in an unusual fashion:

While her singing and writing had been a personal pleasure for years, she had not practiced her craft publicly until one night when she was asked to sing for a wine and cheese party held for an Executive Development Centre. As any music industry veteran would know, a reception with the lethal combination of executives , wine and cheese would not make an ideal listening crowd. But once Morgan hit the piano, the room fell silent as this interesting group from around North America were spell bound by this young woman whose command of the piano and originality of song was indeed worthy of their undivided attention. They found what a few of Sadler’s friends already knew, her music is beautifully wild and filled with a rare relaxed intensity.

Morgan had always wanted to chase this dream, and it was at this time that she finally felt ready to make her music her mission. She started recording at The Chalet, with producer Sean Gugula and just recently (2 weeks ago) finished her first EP. She has been working with Jeff Gunn (guitarist), performing and recording.

Morgan Sadler doesn't know what to say when asked about her music. She knows who she's compared to, and she knows what comes easy to her, but she doesn’t really know what it is at the end of the day. Listen to it, enjoy it and make it what you will. As for future plans, she'll go wherever she needs to and work as hard as possible in order to get her song out there. The process has been long and slow-moving but she's the first to say that every moment has been a pleasure. From recording in Montreal to The Chalet, from playing at tiny jazz clubs, to huge private galas, she does it all with skill, grace, a smile and her voice will stay with you long after she stops. Keep your eyes and ears open for Morgan. She's just getting started and hopes to be around for the long run."

First GLAM! Performance: August 10th, 2010